• Dao Yin Yoga,  Yoga Teacher Training

    Dao Yin Yoga Teacher Training

    Do you often think there must be something else in life? Another way to live my life and guide others? Then you are not alone! That was exactly how I felt before I chose to become a full-time yoga teacher and healer.   We are many who have those thoughts and do not dare to do anything about them. But those of us who dare transform ourselves and the world around us when we step out of the comfort zone and try something completely new. Or maybe you are already on your journey, you have stepped out of the comfort zone. You are already a therapist, yoga teacher, tutor, or…

  • 50 Hours Advanced Dao Yin Yoga Teacher Training
    Yoga Teacher Training

    50 Hour Advanced Dao Yin Yoga Teacher Training

      Dao Yin Teacher Training for (Yin) Yoga Teachers   Dao Yin Teacher Training for (Yin) Yoga Teachers, Pilates instructors, movement therapists, and/or personal trainers Lift your Yin Yoga practice to the next level with this advanced training. In this online-training I share ways for you to get in touch with your highest self, to open your heart, and let the universe guide you on your path. And how to guide your students in the same way. This training is for you who is already a (Yin) Yoga Teacher, personal trainer, coach, or any type of spiritual warrior. The focus of this training will be on Dao Yin which is…