Dao Yin Yoga

The practice of Dao Yin, is a Chinese saying for the movement of Qi which is our lifeforce energy. The pratcice I share therefor originates from the traditional Daoist practices. The daoist developed a system
which transforms the energy body, heals the physical body and increases the inner alchemy to ultimately reach enlightenment.

In yoga, we also move energy within the chakra system and meridian system. But often the inner alchemy, the transformation of the soul (the non material energy) into the physical body, is forgotten. Therefore this yoga practice focus on transforminginner alcamey and bringing all the energies into the physical body.

The practices are inspired by Daoism, Buddhism, Yoga, Healing, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Qi-gong. It is always a one in a lifetime experience because the moment will create what we need. You can practice with Anemone at her next events.

Dao Yin Yoga Classes

Dao Yin Yoga is a practice for All levels. Everyone can participate in the classes, all asana (positions) will be practiced slow, seated or lying down with a calm deep Qi- breath. It’s helpful to wear comfortable warm clothes and have a blanket. Anemone

The classes are especially good to heal old injuries, increase your health, balance your thoughts and emotional state.


yoga assist

What to expect

In the classes and workshops you can expect explanations about the movement of Qi, Detox of your metidians and Healing of your chakras and emotions. There are no mucic in the class, the breath will create an inner rythm that you follow, but sometimes there will be a song douring shavasana or Anemone playes a Mantra in ther hamonium.

All classes include a guidance into deep stillness and meditation with time to calm down your nervous system and strengthen your inner Alchemy. Anemone ususlly walkes arround end puts a hand to assist you in
your poses, for you to feel safe, relaxed and seen.


Dao Yin Yoga online Practice