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Dreams do come true

Dreams come true, I am experiencing this affirmation daily. And now I want to share my experience with you, so that your dreams can come true as well.

This Year I will travel to Bali and then Nepal. I will develop my company, teach yoga, experience new land, and practice both yoga and qi gong. And the nice thing is: This it was my dream, before I knew anything about Yoga.

I remember it as if it was yesterday. I sad at home on the floor of my living room Vesterbro. I had not been practising yoga for long, but I did my daily meditations. In this meditation I had what is decribed as an out of body experience. I was in Bali, I saw nice food, Juices, beaches. I felt a strong force of light, like a sun radiating from inside me and out to all sides of my exixtence. My highest self gave me clear message: ” One day your life will be totally changed both inside and around you, be prepared to loose everything”. And like an angle falling down from the sky i felt like i was fallign down seeing and feeling everything I would loose, the people I loved, my job, my home and even myself. I cried because I felt a deep pain, but thenonce I could let it go, like saying goodbye to a good freind, I felt relived along with a great deal of gratitude to God and the universe. And I knew I was on the right path, my path, my Dao. I said okay God, I thrust you, guide me.


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At the age of 21 I lost my Father, who I was a great friend and a person I always felt spiriutally connected with him through Tibetan Buddhism. So this was a big pain to experience in such a young age.
Later when I engaged on my spiriutal path it became clear to me that I had questions about my fathers buddhist roots and I started contacting his old friends.

When I met my dads best friend Bruno, who was still practing Tibetan Buddhism and traveling reguarly to Nepal, I found a soul brother. We connected on a spiriutal level and had manny talkes about life, my father, White Tara and Tibetan Buddhism.

One day I meditated at home in my room in Mon, and I had a past live experience. At first I thought I was looking forward to the future. But in the insight I was a lold Munk living in Nepal in full service to my Master. I amidiatly told Bruno about my insight and vision and he gave me some meditaions an prayers to do. Since that day most om my insights, visions, dreams and meditations are about Nepal and different aspects about Buddha. 


Now Bruno has helped me to go to Nepal, and I am going there with two of my best friends in the world. My excitement is huge, I feel like I am coming home. I defenatly feel like dreams are comign true, quite litteray. I share this whit you, so inspire you to go for your own dreams no matter how manny people that dont see it, never give up on your dreams.
On my spiritual journey, I experience every day, how time is much more complicated than how it is experienced from the egos perspective. Time is both now, future and past at the same time, on all universes and dimensions exixt samutainosly . Our ability to cross time periods, dimensions and universes grow as we put our faith in God, let go of our old belifs and open our hearts to love.

Make Dreams Come true

Do this afirmation daily:

“Dear universe, Thank you for showing me

Dreams do come true, I am so happy, Everything is so much better now”

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