Dao Yin Yoga,  Yoga Teacher Training

Dao Yin Yoga Teacher Training


100 Hour Certitied Dao Yin Yoga Teacher Training

From 07.am until 20:30pm

At Inspiration Center Denmark

Hunsebyvej 13

Anemone / info@thedaoyinyoga.com

Do you often think there must be something else in life? Another way to live my life and guide others? Then you are not alone!

That was exactly how I felt before I chose to become a full-time yoga teacher and healer.


We are many who have those thoughts and do not dare to do anything about them. But those of us who dare transform ourselves and the world around us when we step out of the comfort zone and try something completely new.

Or maybe you are already on your journey, you have stepped out of the comfort zone. You are already a therapist, yoga teacher, tutor, or the like. and you want to get even more knowledge and practice into your pamphlet of offers.

Then this education is a unique opportunity for you. To get all the knowledge you need to become a skilled yin yoga teacher.


It is all about Transformation

You are a soul having a human experience. Maybe you already heard that before. But have you had the experience?

Through this training, you will transform yourself and ingest an enormous amount of knowledge and practice. This will help you closer to your soul and your highest wisdom. Often when we decide to do something for a limited period and withdraw from everything else, the brain can consume much more knowledge because it is focused on only one thing.

Therefore, this training is 10 days with the full program. You get both of Yin Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meditation and Qi gong. It is all composed so that you can develop yourself and your knowledge optimally.

In this training, you will learn about, as well as teach Dao Yin Yoga, a Chinese yoga style that aims to purify Meridian paths and Balance Yin-Yang energy.

Practice and Theory of Yin Yoga is the core of Education. This yin yoga style is a bit different than the traditional yin and if you do not know it or me. Then I would recommend watching this youtube video: Relaxing Yin Yoga

In addition to Yin Yoga you will learn about:

  • Anatomy: Fascia and connective tissue in the body
  • Meridian paths + Yin and Yang energy
  • Pain and injuries
  • To be a yoga teacher
  • Meditation
  • Qi Gong for healthy health
  • Yoga Philosophy & Chakra
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine & Daoism


Fascia & Connective Tissue
Myo-Fascia surrounds our entire body and it runs our meridian pathways. You will learn about the 6 primary Fascia Paths in the body and how you through Yin Yoga and movement can create space and freedom of movement in your own and your students' bodies.

Meridians and Yin-Yang Theory
You will learn about the Meridian paths in the body, how they run, and how we work especially with the 6 largest meridian paths in Yin Yoga. In all energy there is Yin & Yang, they cannot exist without each other. Therefore, in this training, you will learn about the two different energies and how they run in the body.


Yoga Philosophy & Chakra
Yoga is much more than just postures in the physical body. As this is a Basic education you will only be briefly introduced to the philosophy and history of Yoga. But you will get sources for this knowledge that you can dive into after the training. Besides, you will learn about the Chakra and the 8 energy bodies and how we work with them through meditation and yoga.

Daoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine
The foundation of Dao Yin Yoga is Daoism, and you will therefore learn about Daoism, what it means to search for The Dao, and receive access to an online library on Daoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Pain science
Often students come to yoga because they are in pain. Maybe this is also how you found yoga yourself. And while it is true that Yoga helps with pain, we often do not know why it helps. You will learn about this in this education. You will also learn how to put together yoga to relieve pain and how to relate to a student with pain or injury.


To be yoga a teacher
It's not just about knowing asana, meridian paths, and chakras. Being a yoga teacher in lifelong learning and a decision to want to feel and achieve something right within yourself. You will learn how to find and feel your highest self, as well as how to teach a good yoga class.


Meditation & Breathing
Meditation is a natural part of Yin Yoga as everything takes place with an inner gaze for what is happening in the body, mind, and energy system in the yoga positions. You will learn a very special Daoist meditation, which heals the body and connects you with Dao. There will be several forms of meditation during the training, here during the standing meditation, lying meditation, chakra meditation, and Daoist meditation. You will also be introduced to two basic breaths which are essential in this yin yoga style for the circulation of Qi.


Qi Gong
Every morning we will do a Dao Yin Yoga and Qi Gong practice, which aims to make you healthy and prevent disease. This is a very special form of Qi gong that I learned in a Daoist Temple in China. You will also receive a video that you can use to always remember the exercises.



The training is held at Inspiration Center Denmark. The place is located in the countryside just outside Maribo on Lolland. It is an incredibly beautiful environment, which is up to you to completely relax and get down into gear.

Inspirations Center is a very special course place and sanctuary. They have extensive experience in creating the perfect setting, where everyone gets the feeling of being able to relax, be present and be themselves. It is cozy and safe - almost a homely atmosphere that they believe in, creates the best conditions for us to immerse ourselves and achieve the development we want.

You decide whether you want to stay in a single room or a double room. On site there is ample opportunity to retreat into a nook and be alone. We will have a busy program and therefore the rooms will most often only be used for sleeping and relaxing.


The full program will be sent directly to you one month before the start-up.

As soon as you sign up you will be signed up for a secret Facebook group where you can start your yin yoga journey right now. Find knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reading List for education and online pain rehabilitation.

The daily program:

07.30 Lemon water

08.00 Yin Yoga & Qi Gong

09.00 Breakfast

10:00 Theory

12.30 Breakfast

14.00 Theory

16.30 Yin Yoga Practitioner focus eg determine meridian path cleansing and Chakra context

19.00 Dinner

20.30 Daoist Evening Meditation or Yoga Nidra

Arrival: 12/02/2021 at 17.00

Departure: 21.02.2021 at 13.00



I am a 30-year-old trained Occupational Therapist specializing in Pain. I have been teaching Yin Yoga for more than 7 years and I have already held several training courses and courses. During my time in the more ordinary labor market, I have worked as a teacher at the Occupational Therapist Education in Copenhagen. It has always been a natural part of me to teach and share my own knowledge and learning.

In 2019, I traveled to China and trained Qi Gong, Taiji, and Dao Yin with a true Kong Fu teacher, Li Shi Fu. He is still my mentor today and he helps me understand and convey Daoism and the path towards The Dao. From him, I learned about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and immersed myself in Meridian Courses and Acupressure.

In addition to all that, I am a Healer and work with healing both emotionally and energetically. I work with my spiritual guide, Matt Kahn.

On a daily basis, I teach weekly Yin Yoga Classes on Lolland and In The Rehab in Copenhagen. I have clients in pain management and in healing sessions. I am incredibly passionate about what I do and love everything with spirituality. I have traveled to the South of France, China, Nepal, Thailand, and Singapore to learn from all the best teachers and be able to guide and teach the true wisdom.



To register and pay for this training all you need to do is follow the links. And don't worry you can pay the amount over 3 times if the prices are an issue for you right now. Really the important thing is that you make the choice for your self to invest these 10 days on you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out: info@thedaoyinyoga.dk


The price for this training is 16.000 DKK for 10 days with full Accommodation



The price for Single Rooms are 18.000 DKK for 10 days with full Accommodation  

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I look forward to meeting you for 10 Transformational days 





There are 25 places available.

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