Know Your Cycle


Online Webinar about womens cycle

From 4:30 PM until 5:30 PM

At Online


Too many of us women do not know the truth about our own cycle and the wisdom behind it. That's why I invite all women to attend this free online seminar.

Learn about your cycle and female power

Once you know this wisdom, you can take all your power back and learn how to use your energy better. The world is currently dominated by masculine energy. That is, why we follow a masculine linear logical calendar system both at home and in our workplaces. But women's energy is circular, just like the moon. Women follow the rotations of the planet and the moon, we are affected by our environment and our cycle is always different. Completely like all days are different. Because of that, we can get problems to form trying to fit into a masculine society. I wish to help you heal yourself and create the life you want with your feminine power.

At this seminar will be introduced to:

- Orginazation besed on your cycle
- Food support to your cycle
- Movement to support your cycle
- Goddess of wisdom
- Orgasms and Sexuality
- Menstruation

The webinar is an introduction to my online course + Facebook for women who want to start in August 2020.

Look forward to see you sister


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