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How to heal anger and follow your life destiny?

Have you ever felt an enormous heat rising inside you, and like you just wanted to hit something or yell really loudly? Or maybe you feel as if you have a huge gift to share with the world and you are frustrated that you are not able to share it? Or have you felt unable to really relax over a period of time? And that all this made you irritable, angry, stressed and not able to listen to yourself?

Then you are familiar with the emotion Anger. In this article, I will explain the universal perspective about emotions and give you an exercise to release anger and heal it once and for all.

Anger shows up when you need more time to be yourself  

Anger is an emotion that we can be stuck with for a long time if we don’t understand it.

Anger appears when you have been living a life where you can’t express your own passion and creativity. And this has created powerful energy that gets stuck inside your body and needs a lot of energy to come out.

Anger is the most expressive emotion and is actually the direct opposite energy of passion. Anger is trying to tell you, that you need to change your life.

When anger is balanced you will live a purposeful passionate life. When anger is not balanced you will keep getting angry all the time and not be able to be who you truly are and express your true passion.

I will start by explaining a universal perspective of emotions..

Why we feel the same emotion over and over again

We all come here with past life’s, karma, and something called “emotional contracts”. The contracts decide how long time you need to spend with different emotions. Once you have experienced and spent time with the emotion stated in the contract, you will be free of it.

Sometimes the emotion returns, but not to the same extent and it can be as a reminder. You never know how long time you need to spent with each emotion. But the longer time you resist feeling it, the longer you will spend with it. When we don’t release our emotion the universe will create situations that trigger the emotion to help us feel it.

When the emotion that we keep feeling is anger the challenge is to actually feel it. Anger is a big fast energy and it makes us react unconsciously and impulsively. So in order to feel anger, you need time alone where you slow down and allow yourself to feel what is behind the emotion and what it is trying to tell you.

Emotions are important on the spiritual path

YES – I am saying listen to anger.

In ancient spiritual practices such as Daoism and Buddhism, it is taught that you should not raise your anger because will you loose energy.

While ancient meditation methods are excellent ways of finding the deep truth in life, they are not always helpful in healing an emotion.  Sometimes what you need is to be with yourself an feel.

It is true that on a higher level on the spiritual path it is important to not be controlled by the mind and emotions. But repressing your emotions will actually make you feel even worse.

Therefore, the first level of healing yourself and becoming a spiritual master is to feel your emotions. And from there find out what you need in your life in order for you to not repeat the same pattern. Then you can meditate and cultivate inner stillness or finding the emptiness in all things.

Anger comes from the heart and liver

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) all emotions originate from the heart and depending on the emotion, it goes to different organs. Anger, irritation, and frustration go to the liver and gallbladder. If the liver is unbalanced the anger can cause problems like lack of sleep, restlessness, and a feeling of wanting to react impulsively. In TCM anger is a yin deficiency in the liver. Therefore the body needs, good nutritional food, sleep, and rest when anger keeps being an issue.

How to have a healthy Liver and Balance Your Anger

  • Eat green vegetables: parcel, coriander, celery, Broccoli and Kale
  • Connect with Nature  
  • Drink Hot Raw cacao powder or eat dark chocolate to soothe your heart
  • Drink hot lemon water in the morning to detox your liver
  • Writing down how you feel and what you want to do in life
  • Getting enough sleep and rest perforable do Dao Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra
  • Avoid animal fat: Don’t eat Egg, Milk, Fish, and Animals

Love and Courage is the answer

At the moment you feel angry it is important so sit down a quiet place, breathe and talk with you anger. Ask it why it is there and what it wants to tell you. When we don’t suppress the emotion but give it our full attention it will automatically start to calm down. All it needs is your loving attention.

Anger shows you that it is time to listen to your dreams about the future. You can no longer ignore your destiny. Because this emotion is so powerful, you can use it to act, stand up for yourself, assert your needs, and defend your own integrity.

When anger comes back over and over it is highly important that you start to take care of yourself. Be loving and kind to yourself by eating Eat 3 meals pr. day, exercise, go to bed before 11 pm, and make sure you have enough rest in your daily routine.

But most importantly, there is a deeper calling. . .

Based on my own experience and ancient knowledge. I give you a full FREE-practice to release your anger and find your deep passion again

Exercise to release Anger

Step 1 – Feel and ask for help

Start by sitting down and taking 3 deep breaths, in through the nose out of the mouth. Then scan your body and feel where you feel a compression of energy. This is where the anger is. Take your hand there and say out loud:

“I accept that right now I feel angry, And I don’t know why, so I call upon the universe to work through me and help me feel and release this emotion to completion now, for the wellbeing of all that I am now and so it is.”

Take 3 long Breaths and feel the energy coming into you

Step 2 –  Express the Anger

Now you find a notebook and a pen.

Take one hand to your heart and ask: “Hello anger, I honor and respect your power” Repeat 10 times. Then ask: “what do you need to say?” Write down everything you’re angry about that needs to be expressed. After each answer you say: “It’s okay you feel that way, thank you for sharing that with me, what else would you like to share?”

Step 3 – Finding the Path with Love:

After repeating step 2 until there is nothing left to share. You put the notebook to the side, take the right hand to the heart and the left hand to the area where you feel restricted.

And then you say: “Thank you for sharing with me how you feel, I am sorry I wasn’t listening before, but from now on I promise to listen. I invite you to always tell me how you feel.”

“I love you” 10 times, or more

Step 4 – Release the energy

Now you can sit and feel your heart is filled up with light and love, feeling the release of the emotion. And the peacefulness of receiving energy from the universe and being your true self without needing to do anything.

Ask your self: “If I had nothing to fear, what would I do and who would I be?

Write it down to remind your self about your true destiny.

When you feel ready, stand up. Put on music, start dancing and shaking your body. When you feel like you have shaken the emotion off you, take a nice warm shower, and do something good for yourself.

Heal anger with this free online yoga class

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For Yin yoga teachers: Dao Yin Yoga for anger:

Tuck Toe sit – wide knee child – Frog – Wideknee child – Child – Stomach rest – Buddhas Rest – Half Shoelaise CR – Hands over head pinkie fingers togeher – Shavasana

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