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How to heal sadness and find your passion?

Do you know the feeling of not being able to cry even though you want to? Or not being able to stop crying? Maybe things keep happening around you that makes you feel sad and cry all the time? Maybe you also know the feeling of not being able to find out what you want in life?

Time to rest and find the ting you are passionate about

If you have experienced any of the above you know the feeling of sadness. In this article, I will give you a way to understand release and heal sadness.

Sadness shows up when we are lacking to express our own passion and suppressing our dreams. Or when past experiences and memories from the past about not living our dream show up. When we feel sad we are unable to find direction. We can not feel what we want to do, and we have forgotten who we truly are. In order for us to again find our way, sadness is telling us that its time to take rest.

Emotional contracts and Surrendering

We all come here with past life’s, karma, and something called “emotional contracts”. The contracts decide how long time you need to spend with different emotions. Once you have experienced and spent time with the emotion you will be free of it.

Sometimes the emotion return, but not to the same extend. You never know how long time you need to spent with each emotion. One thing I can assure you is that the longer time you resist feeling it the longer you will spend with it. When we don’t release our emotion the universe will create situations that trigger the emotion to help us feel it.

Our ego structure is created so that we have an attachment to our identity. Circumstances and experiences help us feel emotions, it is the story and your attachment to the story that helps you to feel sad. 

“I have been through a great deal of sadness in my life, and it is one of the most powerful emotions of transformation. And I am highly motivated to help you get the same experience” – Anemone

chilp pose sadness

To heal you need to feel

But obviously it is not easy or pleasant to consciously feel something uncomfortable. It recures you to be brave and trust that you can get through it. When you surrender to feel the emotion and choose to see deep inside yourself where this emotion comes from you will start to heal.

Emotions are a part of the spiritual path

In ancient spiritual practices such as Daoism and Buddhism, it is taught that you should not raise your anger or other emotions. And that it’s best to avoid reacting to your emotions because you will lose your energy and be distracted to reach higher stages of consciousness.

These methods are good ways of finding the deep truth in life and experiencing emptiness. But it is not always the first step in healing and meditation, sometimes what you need is to be with yourself.

It is true that on a high level on the spiritual path it is important to not be controlled by the mind and emotions. But if you are a sensitive soul and empath as me. Repressing your emotions will actually make you feel even worse.

spiritual path

Therefore the first level of healing yourself and becoming a spiritual master is to feel your emotions. And from there find out what you need in your life in order for you to not repeat the same pattern.

Sadness comes from your heart and lungs

In Traditional Chinese Medicine all emotions originate in the heart, and from there goes to specific organs depending on which emotion that is rising. The sadness goes to the lungs and back to the heart. When we are sad we can’t breathe normally, we cry, we cleanse with a lot of saliva from the lungs and nose and tears. This is what the body needed in order to let out the energy and detox.

As you can see in the picture of the 5 element theory, the Heart affects the Lungs. When you feel sadness in the heart it goes to the lungs and you can release the emotion by crying.

TCM 5 element
  • Give your self time to rest, and make sure you always have resting days.
  • Eating something bitter like dark chocolate or organic Cacao. (AWESOME RIGHT?) or any kind of roots, drinking hot water with Himalayan salt and Brown Rice
  • Taking a long warm bath with rubbing salt on your skin to get rid of the old energy. You can make your own salt-scrub with lavender and rose oil in almond oil mixed with the salt
  • Make sure to get some sun when you can
  • Spent time with loved ones and do something that makes you enjoy life

Sadness means its time to rest

When you feel sadness your nervous system is telling you that it needs to rest in order to release the emotion. With love to your self, take the time to rest and release. Releasing sadness will bring you into accepting the situation you are in. But it won’t happen before you slow down and give love to yourself.

When you take care of yourself with love and compassion the heart will open, and you will find your true passion. It might not be what you imagined, but it will be true.

It will come from your intuition, which are messages from your highest self, who already know your biggest destiny. The more you allow your self to go through this emotional detox process, the fewer times you need to do it, and the closer you will get to your destiny.

Based on my own experience and ancient knowledge. I give you a full FREE-practice to release your sadness and find your deep passion again.

Emotional healing exercise

Step 1 – Get comfortable

Sit down and take 3 deep breaths in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Connect your sits bones to the ground and feel the earth under you. Then bring awareness to the top of your head and feel a sensation of light coming down. Now scan your body and notice how you feel and where you feel the tension.

I accept that I feel sad right now and I don’t like it, so I call upon the universe and my guides to work through me and help guide me through this feeling now for the well being of all that I am now and to it is, thank you”

Step 2- eleace with love

Focus on letting in the light to your heart and say to your heart:

“It’s okay to feel this way, you may not like it right now, and that’s okay”

“However you feel it okay”.  Notice if there are some words you can
say to comfort you and say them to yourself.

Then you repeat around 10 times “It’s okay” And then 10 times “I love you”

Step 3 – Let in the Love

With the reight hand to your heart you say: “Everything I do is right, nothing is wrong with me, and everything I do is right” reperat 3 times

Relax your armms and let the light and love from the universe in your heart. Feel, see, and experience your heart being recharged with love.

Internally ask your heart what it desires in life, and what it needs from you at this moment.

When you feel ready take 3 deep breaths and come back to your body.


Here is a Yoga Class to heal your sadness


For Dao Yin Yoga teachers:

This is the yoga- sequence for healing sadness:

Child pose with eagle arms – Tuck Toe Child – Wide knee Child with support – Pillars of the earth -Constructive Rest – Arms overhead pinkie fingers together – Shraavana 



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