Online 50 Hour Dao Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Dao Yin Teacher Training for (Yin) Yoga Teachers, Pilates instructors, movement therapists, and/or personal trainers In English

Lift your Yin Yoga practice to the next level with this advanced training. In this online-training I share ways for you to get in touch with your highest self, to open your heart, and let the universe guide you on your path. And how to guide your students in the same way.
This training is for you who is already a (Yin) Yoga Teacher, personal trainer, coach, or any type of spiritual warrior. The focus of this training will be on Dao Yin which is a Chinese understanding of how to move Qi along with strengthening and purifying the body through yoga, meditation, and Qi Gong
You will immerse yourself in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Subtle Energy Body, Daoist Meditation, Qi Gong, and an understanding of advanced sequencing that purifies and balances the 5 elements.

“For me, Yoga is much more than a physical practice it is where the physical body connects with the divine. If you feel called to join my training,  know that it is for a great reason. At some point in our yoga journey, we will be ready to open our hearts completely and let us guide the universe. That is usually where I come in, as your guide. Do not hesitate, breathe and join the training, meet others who are the same place as you, and let us journey together into divine love and light” – Anemone Auora

A B O U T  A N E M O N E

Anemone has more than 8 years of teaching experience in Dao Yin Yoga. She is an Occupational therapist specialized in Chronic Pain and Facial movements. Throughout her, life she has been through many awakenings where she met Angels, Goddesses, and Grand Masters, who taught her special meditations and healing practices. For the past 3 years, she has been healing people from chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. She is an empathic intuitive healer and being around her is transforming by itself. Anemone is a light in the dark, always smiling and giving kindness, love, and joy to the people around her. She is a decibel of Master Li Sh Fu at The Five Immortals Temple in China, and through him, she shares the knowledge and of Daoism and the lineage of the 8 immortals.

The way Anemone teaches yoga is unique and a mix of the most ancient Yoga and Dao Yin Practices based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoism in China. There is no one like her, and therefore it is a great opportunity to practice with her and learn these practices to transform your Physical, Emotional, and Energetic Body.

When Anemone teaches Dao Yin Yoga to her students she always has focused on one of the 5 elements from TCM and the flow of Qi in the 5 elements. All her classes are based on the ancient way of creating healthy flow in the 5 elements. In this training, you will learn the same.

A picture of the Graduates from the last Dao Yin Yoga Teacher Training. You can look foward to become part of an amazing supportive group of movement and yoga nerds, who love Daoism.


All content will be available online after the course and Replays will be avalibele. Basis Anatomy, Neurology and Facial Anatomy

  • 5 basis Myo-Facial Lines of the human body based on Tom Myers’s findings.
  • All the movements of the joints in the body, the basis muscles, ligaments and bones.
  • Pain Therapy: What is pain and how to understand and talk about it in a Yin Yoga Class
  • Basis Neurology and how the nervous system is affected in Dao Yin Yoga

Deep understanding of the Five Elements

  • 12 basis meridians and how they affect our different systems of the body
  • The emotions in the 5 elements and where emotions are stored in the body
  • How the 5 elements are connected to Yin & Yang and the seasons

Dao Yin Healing Yoga Sequences

  •  How to make a basis Dao Yin Yoga Class to balance Fascia and yin & yang Qi
  • Meridian focused Class, where you detox and balance one of the 5 elements
  • How to make a yin yoga sequence balancing the 5 elements

Breath understanding in Daoism

  • Different Daoist breathing techniques
  • How to balance Yin & Yang with breath
  • To balance the nervous system with simple breathing methods

Daoist practices and history about the way

Anemone will give you access to a very unique reading list with ancient texts about Daoism In group discussions and theory class, you will learn about Daoism and the principles of living like a modern Sagde.

Qi gong practice from the 5 immortals temple

As a part of the training, you will practice and learn how to perform “Qi Gong for Longevity” This practice will build up your Qi, keep you strong, powerful, resilient and healthy both physically and mentally

Lifechanging Daoist meditations and voice healing

  • Different Daoist meditations where you learn how to connect with the universe in a grounded safe way where you can not lose yourself.
  • The practices will help you bring your energy field into your physical body and transform your DNA.
  • To heal your 5 elements with the mantra “5 healing tones of heaven”

O N L I N E  A G E N D A

Thursday 15.04.2021
3 pm Welcome Soul Gathering
4.30 pm Master Class – Dao Yin Yoga & Daoist Meditation

07.30 pm Daoist Meditation Theory

Friday 16.04.2021
7.30 am Qi Gong
9.30 am  Theory class
11.30 am Short meditation & Daoist singing

1.30 pm Theory – Anatomy and Faschia in Dao Yin Yoga

3.30 pm Master Class – Dao Yin Yoga

5 pm Questions & ending the day
(15 min evening Daoist meditation independently no screen time)

Saturday 17.04.2021
7.30 am Qi Gong
9.30 am  Theory class
11.30 am Short meditation & Daoist singing
Lunch break
1.30 pm Theory – Anatomy and Faschia in Dao Yin Yoga

3.30 pm Master Class – Dao Yin Yoga

5 pm Questions & ending the day (15 min evening Daoist meditation at 9 pm independently no screen time)

Sunday 18.04.2021
7.30 am Qi Gong
9.30 am  Theory class
11.30 am Short meditation & Daoist singing
Lunch break
1.30 pm Theory – Anatomy and Faschia in Dao Yin Yoga

3.30 pm Master Class – Dao Yin Yoga

5 pm Questions & ending the day
(15 min evening Daoist meditation independently no screen time)

Monday 19.04.2021

7.30 am Qi Gong

9 am Last Theory class with time for questions 12 pm lunch break

1.30  pm Daoist Meditation  & Ending Group sharings

Graduation Gathering 24.04.2021
Everyone teaches 5 min each Anemone performers an online ceremony for each student and the whole group.

Certificates will be sent with Email with electronic signature.


OBS: There are only 20 spots for this online teacher training so that I am sure I will have time for your questions. This will be the LAST time with this special low Corona price!

There will be an online Facebook group for us where you can ask questions and share your processes.

Once you have booked you will receive a private email from Anemone with access to a Google Drive With all the literature for the training. In that way, you can begin to study Daoism right away. In the literature, you will also find a reading list with the books which Anemone recommends you to read.

You will also receive an email with the link to all zoom meetings for the program.

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There is no return policy for this training. If you can not participate in the training. Everything will be available online and if you wish to sell your ticket to someone else this is allowed. All you need to do is to send an email to with the registration of the new person including their email.

Love & Light

Anemone Auora