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The fact that you have found this information means that you have suffered from chronic pain. And, that you are already doing everything you can to become pain-free!

It is both hard and intense to suffer from chronic pain. I know this from first-hand experience, as I have lived with chronic pain from the age of 13 to 24. Especially when I was in my 20’s the pain was so severe that I could not have a normal life.

Do you know it is possible to become pain-free? By learning what pain actually is and how your nerve system functions?

Do you wonder why no one ever told you about this?

It is because the new evidence based knowlegde in not implemented in most Universities yet. It is only 25 years old, and to implement it in our treatment system will recure a big change.

It was exactly the Evidence-based Pain Science that I offer in this Online Pain Therapy Course that helped me to become pain-free. That is why I share it with today so that you can also become pain-free and regain freedom over your own life.

When you find me, you’ve typically already tried doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and masseurs, but you haven’t broken the code for your pain.

What you need the key to open the door to a new understanding of what pain is. This online course gives you the answers you seek and helps you through the door to become pain-free.

It all takes place online

You will not find this knowledge with your normal physical therapist or doctors. There are very few that offer the new unique knowledge of pain that I do. This is exactly why I offer it online. So you get the newest evidence-based knowledge no matter where you live.

When I was in pain myself and found this evidence-based pain knowledge, I was so lucky that I lived close to my pain therapist. But not all of us are so lucky. Because this knowledge is so unique, important, and effective, I have chosen to offer it online.

I already helped 5 people online and they are all pain-free and living a different life If you are ready for change

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Why are you in pain? and how can you become pain-free?

These are questions that you will get answers to. If you are ready to become pain-free through new knowledge, then you can now get this unique online course home to yourself today.

The course contains:

  1. Tree hours of Online Explain Pain Education treatment separated into two sessions
  2. Personalized Online Yoga and consciousness movement exercises especially for you and your problem
  3. Short follow-up on your treatment 3 months later

Extra Free Bonus:

  • Relevant videos and podcasts about Evidence-based Pain Science

Here’s how the program goes:

First online session via skype: The course starts with an online skype meeting and we talk about your situation so we start where you are and create a strategy and a personal goal together.

Online Education: Then we go through a Powerpoint together where I teach you about Pain Science and Explain Pain Therapy.

Online Movement Program: Then we put together a personal consciousness movement program for you that you try for about one or two weeks. Here you will receive homework in the form of podcasts and online videos about pain science.

Second Online session: In the last session we talk about the changes you have already felt in you body and life. And we continue the education program. After that you will recive new movements

Free follow up: After 3 months I send you an email checking up on you to see how you are doing, and if you need any adjustments in your pain Therapy Plan.

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What qualifies me to help you with your pain?

I was living with chronic pain for over 23 years, with 5 of those years being so bad that I couldn’t have a normal everyday life. I had pain when I was sleeping when I woke up the pain was especially bad in my neck and it could take me a long time to get out of bed.

I had symptoms such as swollen joints, white joints, blue joints, my joints went out of joints, fatigue, extreme stiffness of the body. I was often scared, worried, and unable to understand what was happening to my body.

I tried everything

I went to physiotherapists, masseurs, doctors, rheumatologists, and cryo-practitioners. Often I got worse every time I had been to a treatment or to training. I had a lot of experience with training, so it was always part of my everyday life. If training or treatments helped, it was only short-termed.

I took an education in Occupational Therapy and spent all my spare time reading research and applying for knowledge about pain, neurology, anatomy, connective tissue, and movement.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia

The day they gave me that diagnosis I got no help. Only a diagnosis, no explanation or education in what that disease means. So I was left on the internet. It made me feel like my life was already decided in advance. I had to face that I would not be able to have a normal job or family life, I was 21.

Yoga was the only thing that helped

One day there was a friend who suggested me to try yoga. I went to a yoga class and although I couldn’t do many of the positions I felt better after the class. It was the first time in 4 years that I noticed progress. So I started yoga weekly.

Later I found hot yoga which helped me a lot, I stopped going to doctors and practiced all the hot yoga I could do. But I was still in pain. I trained as a yoga and meditation teacher and found my inner center where I could be at ease within my body both with and without pain.

I took a yin yoga teacher training in Singapore and found a specific way to do yoga daily which helped me to be more balanced and to have less pain. But I was still convinced that I should practice yoga daily to avoid having pain.

I finally found hope and became pain-free

One day I got so much pain in my neck after a walk in the woods, that I thought I had broken my neck, I knew I was not. But I was in severe pain and panicked. My boyfriend had to drive me by car to my physical therapist, who gently told me. “Sometimes pain does not come from a body problem” and he recommended I check out Explain Pain Therapy.

Today, I am eternally grateful that he sent me in the right direction.

After 8 hours of PowerPoint teaching, I was pain-free

I went to a course in Explain Pain Therapy where we sat for 8 hours listening to the knowledge of what pain is. How the nervous system and the brain create pain to protect us.

I remember being provoked by the teachings while at the same time finding the answers I had always needed. I felt like there was someone who finally acknowledged my pain experience. That it was not something I had imagined. But that my experience was real.

When I got home from the course I was pain-free and I started training with a personal pain therapist trainer. Slowly my life started to change and now I have been pain-free for 5 years

Do you want that to be you? Then I am ready to guide you.

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“I have now been pain-free for over 5 years. While working as a pain therapist. I have helped clients to become pain-free on a weekly basis.

I use my knowledge from Occupational Therapy, Evidence-Based Pain Science and Yoga in a unique combination with my own experience of living with chronic pain!

Want to learn about what pain is and how you can become pain-free through slow movements and new knowlegde?

Learn how to create a new life where you can move in a way that is good for you?

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