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    Chronic Pain,  Pain Therapy

    How Chronic Pain Changed My life

    When I was 13 years I started having chronic pain in my back and when the doctors saw I had Scheuermann in my spine, they recommended me to find a sport I liked. I started rowing kayaking, and quickly started training several times a day on and I loved it. It became an elite sport for me and my lifestyle. I still had pain, but much less than before. It suited me perfectly to use my body and go after my goals. I learned a lot about training, determination, and self-discipline by practicing elite sports. That determination. Later in life, I needed this to survive my journey through a life…

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    Chronic Pain,  Pain Therapy

    Yoga for Chronic Pain

    When  I was in my twenties I suffered from severe Chronic Pain. In my search for finding a treatment, I went to Education for Therapist called Explain Pain Therapy and when the Teacher said. “Pain is a part of living a human life, in fact our survival depends on being able to feel pain,” on the first day, I was so provoked that I almost left because of his way of saying it. Today I realize it was necessary, for me to be provoked in order to learn something completely new. If you should find your self getting provoked by reading along this article, please give yourself a chance to…