Healing offers

Are you struggling with Emotional problems, Pain? Anxiety? Stress or negative thinking? Or maybe you are on a spiritual path seeking meaning in your life?

Then a healing session with me might be the medicine you need. Sometimes on our path in life, we need guidance to find our way.

I am a naturally born Healer and Empath. For the past year, I have healed over 100 people and helped them see their spiritual path clearly.

My healing method is a special heart-centered way of healing your emotional body, nerve system, and energy-field.

I channel your own Spirit Guides, The Angelic Realms, and Ancient Marsters. I connect with the Universe and provide the Clearings and Activations that you need in order to come into your next highest level of evolution.

Online: Personal Healing Session

Receive this Individual Empathic Healing over Skype and Facebook or Facetime. It lasts one hour and we talk on video. After the session, you will have individual exercises to practice in order to integrate the session and change your life situation. 

The healing includes:

  • Channeling
  • Akashic Records Reading
  • Physical Healing
  • Energy Exercise
  • Let go of Emotions
  • Clarity upon your current situation fx help with decisions
  • Light and Energy  Clearings and Activations

Price & Payment

The Price for one online healing Session is 180 Euro. To book a session send an email to info@thedaoyinyoga.com with your name and wishes for the session. After that, I will contact you within 24 hours. or via link:

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