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Understanding Suffering in the New Paradigme

One day I was walking in the forest, and I started thinking about something shakyamuni buddha said.

“Pain is certain, suffering is optional.”

Today I understand the meaning of this. But it is not a very compassionate thing to say to someone going through a painful part of their experience. When I was walking I asked the universe, what is the meaning of suffering in this time on earth? This article Is about the answers I received.

Suffering from chronic pain

I remember when I read about suffering in a Buddhist book. At that time I felt so bad. I was suffering from chronic pain, lying on my couch resting my neck and back. As I was reading I understood that I needed to change my way of thinking, to not feel bad about having pain. But this was not possible for me. I could not change this way of thinking, because the pain had complete control over me at that time. So I started questioning if I was even a Buddhist. Maybe I was not a good eneough person to be a Buddhist. Before reading his quotes, I was considering going to a Buddhist monetary to learn more. I had this hope that maybe I would find someone who understood me. I didn’t go. I did not feel understood by reading about suffering.

I suffered from chronic pain for 3 more years until I found a method called Explain Pain Therapy and went into pain treatment. This changed my life completely. After attending a class for 8 hours, where the therapist was teaching me about pain on a PowerPoint, I was pain-free for the first time in 10 years. 

Learn the whole story about how I Became pain free here

And the interesting part is, what the therapist changed in me, was my way of thinking. The method changes the belief system by giving a new understanding. This is exactly what shakyamuni buddha said. We must understand our suffering to be free of attachment. So understanding can change our beliefs.

“Pain is certain, suffering is optional.”

Let me give you an example. I have period cramps sometimes when I have my bleed. This is the last thing I havent healed from the time I was living with chronic pain. If I think about how hard and sad it is for me to have this pain. Or everything I did wrong which lead me to this pain. I suffer.

But, if I say to my self: “This bleed might hurt, but it is okay, it is only helping me see and understand what things I still need to change in my life so that I can I can live more in harmony with my own cycle and the nature of life” Then I dont suffer. I have pain yes, but I don’t suffer.

Suffering is Dukkha, it has a much broader meaning than physical suffering it is the suffering of the human conditioning, how we think and attach to all curcumstanses.

The new paradigm

In the new paradigm, we are not on a path of killing the ego, we are not on a path where we look for everything that we are doing wrong. We don’t tell our self “If I just could change this way of thinking then everything would be better”. We are already learned this. We just don’t remember. So we tell ourselfs: “Everything I do is right, even when I make a mistake, that too is right”.

We are here to heal ourselves, the conditioning we have integrated form our upbringing, and the suffering on this planet. But we do it with love and compassion in a kind way. Our ego structures are so empathic that the old teachings will make us suffer. Just like it happend to me when I read that text and started blaming my slef for my own suffering. It was not my fault, it was something I needed to experience in order to transform myself and be able to heal others.

We are on the path to love the ego, surrender the ego with compassion, and to share faith, love, and light with those around us. Our path is filled with pain. We are here to heal that pain, not to stay in suffering by lookign at everything we do wrong.

As healers, light-workers, the new age generation, we transform pain to ligh to prepare the earth to be able to receive and hold a higher vibration. We are the way-showers of the new human beings who embody the full form of human expansion.

What the universe told me

In each part of your conditioning lies the ideas, programming and beliefs and you unconsiusly attached to. It is the attachment to those ideas that bring you suffering. Those ideas are important, they are exactly the ones that you are here to heal. Not just for you, for all of humanity, your lineage, and Mother Gaia.

All the pain you are in right now or have been going through. It might hurt, but ask yourself. If someone had asked you, to go heal this pain from a planet, so that no one else has to feel it in the future, wouldn’t you do it?

My awnser was yes,! without hesetating. I am strong, I can take it. What is yours?

My message for you

You were chosen to come here, to heal the specific pain that you have experienced and to transform it into light. And of course, it hurts, I am not trying to neglect your pain. I am here to remind you, that you are chosen for exactly the life you are living in. I am here to remind you not to choose suffering. But to look at the suffering you have been in and understadn how you broke free of it. When you understand it, you don’t repeat it, if you do you know the way out.

How to understand and transform your suffering with love

I developed these affirmations on my journey. The new journey is all about loving ourselves and allowing ourselves to be here. 

In the Mind – Negative thoughts and Beliefs 

Sit down in a quiet place.

Take 3 deep breaths and put one hand on your heart pace area.

Observe your negative thoughts and ask them where they come from. Maybe you see yourself as a child listening to your parents or other role models telling you something that you start to adapt. Say out loud to that version of yourself:

“Hello, I see how you learned to think this way, and at that time it was helpful to survive. But now I am here with you. You are not alone anymore, and I will love you forever”

you reverse the thought: 

ex: I can’t live alone – I look forward to living alone and enjoy my own company because I am awesome. 

Do this with ALL the negative ways you think and write the positive affirmations down and say them out loud daily. Teach your mind a new way of thinking.

In the emotions – Negative Emotions 

When anger, anxiety, or sadness shows up. Sit down in a quiet place.

Take 3 deep breaths and put one hand on your heart pace area. 

Observe the emotions and ask them where they come from. Maybe you see yourself as a child empathing with how someone else was feeling. Say out loud to that version of yourself:

“Hello, I am so sorry that happened to you, thank you for taking care of me up until now. I am sorry I wasn’t there for you in that situation. But now I am here. You are not alone anymore, and I will love you forever. What do you need from me to feel more love and safety at this moment?

Take 3 deep breaths again and do what comes up”. 

In the body – Pain, and Illness 

Sit down in a quiet place and put your hand to the place in your body where you have an illness or pain and ask it:

“Hello how are you feeling today, what can I do to help you heal better? How can I show you, my love, today? what do you need? I love you and you are allowed to be here, when you feel ready to leave I am here to hold your hand as you let go and return to the light. I love you.”

Take 3 deep breaths and wait for the answer and give your body that love and compassion. 

I Love you

Blessings and light

Anemone Auora


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